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How to cite ScientoPy

If you use ScientoPy in a book, paper, website, technical report, etc., please include a reference to ScientoPy.

To cite ScientoPy, use the following reference:

Ruiz-Rosero, J., Ramirez-Gonzalez, G., & Viveros-Delgado, J. (2019) .

Software survey: ScientoPy, a scientometric tool for topics trend analysis in scientific publications. Scientometrics, 1-24.


The bibtex entry for this is:


    author="Ruiz-Rosero, Juan and Ramirez-Gonzalez, Gustavo and Viveros-Delgado, Jesus",

    title="Software survey: ScientoPy, a scientometric tool for topics trend analysis in scientific publications",








    Bibliometric analysis is growing research filed supported in different tools. Some of these tools are based on network representation or thematic analysis. Despite years of tools development, still, there is the need to support merging information from different sources and enhancing longitudinal temporal analysis as part of trending topic evolution. We carried out a new scientometric open-source tool called ScientoPy and demonstrated it in a use case for the Internet of things topic. This tool contributes to merging problems from Scopus and Clarivate Web of Science sources, extracts and represents h-index for the analysis topic, and offers a set of possibilities for temporal analysis for authors, institutions, wildcards, and trending topics using four different visualizations options. This tool enables future bibliometric analysis in different emerging fields.,



    url="https://doi.org/10.1007/s11192-019-03213-w" }



Papers using ScientoPY

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